Our garage door is built and designed in Shropshire. It can be delivered to your address within 7 days, and installed by you - or by our dedicated installation teams. It is fully compliant with British and European safety directives, and is composed of the highest available specification parts. 

As standard, the door is installed with two remote control key fobs and a remote receiver panel by market leader, Somfy; full enclosure, emergency manual override, high specification Somfy tubular motor, safety brake, weather seal and concealed safety edge - all as standard. 

Classic Garage Door Specifications:
Enclosure size: 300x300mm up to door height 3000mm max.
                                 360x360mm up to door height 5000mm max.
Max Width:        5500mm opening width max.
U-Value:               5 W/m2K 
​Curtain Kg:        5.2kg meter square

The Roller Garage Door Co. curtain is composed of 77mm slats in an extensive range of colours. Try out the Quotation page on this site to see the full list. 

The individual slats are built as follows: 

  • High quality polyurethane + polyamide inner layer for insulation and strength
  • Aluminium rigid support outer casing
  • Pre-treatment layer to etch the metal
  • 0.13mm polyester powder coating layer
  • 0.17mm clear varnish, giving the stove enameled finish

The outcome is a slat with an abrasion-resistant paint system with excellent weather-resistant properties, an environmentally friendly insulation value, and high colour intensity which does not respond to UV radiation or colour fading. 

In addition, the slats when used as part of our complete door have been third-party laboratory tested against intrusion by burglars (see further specification details on testing further on). 

The slat is easy to clean and functionally robust - permanently.