Six steps to design and price your door

Please follow the steps below, to give us your sizes, type of installation, colour, etc. We will then show the finished price, delivered, with no hidden charges of any kind. 

Our door design software will ask the important questions, then provide a price. 

Input your door sizes, then choose: 

  • Colour of Door Leaf
  • Colour of Guide Channels and Enclosure
  • Door fixing style
  • Guide Channel size
  • Tubular Motor type
  • Manual Override
  • Control Panel

Classic & Compact

The Classic Roller Garage door should be used where possible, for the following reasons:

  1. The 77mm slat, especially when employed with 90mm guide channels, is burglary resistant, and rated Class 1 according to STS 202. 
  2. Maximum width of 5.5m 
  3. Wider colour range
  4. Higher insulation value 

The Compact Roller Garage door is designed for smaller openings where drive through height is an issue, and there is little space behind the lintel. It has the following advantages: 

  1. Usually rolls into a 205mm enclosure (as opposed to the standard 300mm for the Classic roller garage door)
  2. Using fewer raw materials and a less powerful motor, it is cheaper
  3. Easy to install, being lightweight
  4. Retains a CE compliant wind rating, and shares most features of the Classic
  5. Ideal for overall sizes of 2.2m wide x 2.2m high

In addition, we always supply minimum safety requirements with our doors - namely the safety edge fitted to the leading edge, an anti-fall back device (safety brake), and a full enclosure to prevent entrapment in the rotating coil.

Further details of Roller Garage Door safety requirements in the UK can be found on the Door and Hardware Federation website, or on request. 

Steel Security Shutter

The Steel Single Skin Security Shutter is ideal for DIY installation, for the following reasons:

  1. The shutter is housed in aluminium casing, powder coated white or brown,  with a galvanised slat - the traditional shop front or window shutter. 
  2. Maximum opening height of 3m
  3. Maximum width of 5m 
  4. Tubular motor operated, by key switch or internal rocker switch
  5. Powder coating available on all parts 
  6. Slats are delivered in bundles to allow easy handling on site
  7. Is installed by the same method as the domestic garage door