Our service offers you the Classic Garage Door direct from the manufacturer, along with full installation instructions, 5 Year Warranty, and Free Delivery. Here we provide the instructions in full, On Line. 

And if you require installation of the door, please see our Contact Page. We would be glad to talk to you. 


  1. Pre-Installation Checks & Components
  2. Guide Channel Preparation & Fixing
  3. Enclosure & Barrel Assembly
  4. Fixing of Framework
  5. Installation of Curtain
  6. Setting the Motor Limits & Fitting the Control Panel
  7. Installation of Lid & Override
  8. Final Checks & Commissioning

1. Pre-Installation Checks & Components

Check the Width

Overall Width = Opening Width + Guide Channels

Check the Height

Overall Height = Guide Height + Box Height


Note: For Reveal Fix installations, Overall Width = Opening Size. We recommend that the surveyor deducts 5mm from the height and width dimensions to achieve final door size, as a tolerance. 

Note: Measurement of the projected garage door should be based on the narrowest / smallest measurements taken from the opening.