How to Order

Investing in a new Roller Garage Door should not be rushed; it constitutes an investment into your property. It is important that you know the product and, in particular, measure it properly. 

The following order process stages should ensure that we cover all angles of the process. 

1. Specification & Quotation

Browse our Specification page to ensure you understand the product on offer. Then, try the On Line Quotation software on this site to see the price of the roller garage door. 

2. Fill out the Survey Form

You can contact us to talk you through the survey, or, simply fill it in yourself. Either way, think nothing of giving us a ring or sending an email!

You can download the survey form and get a good picture of what you need to order and install, or we will talk you through it. You will always speak to an experienced garage door fitter when you call. 

Cross-reference sizes derived from the Quotation with the Survey to ensure that you are confident of the overall size and price. 

3. Contact us to establish your interest

When you contact us, please provide us with your sizes and requirements. We will be glad to discuss with you any problems, and examine the job paperwork you send to us. 

You can contact us by telephone, email, or by the Contact page on this site. 

4. Make Payment

Once the door details are confirmed and we are confident that the door can be installed as designed, and you are happy with the price, you are free to order the door. Payment will be taken at this point. 

Once the order is confirmed, we will send instructions to the factory to make the door and to work out a delivery date. 

5. Delivery

We will arrange a delivery date convenient with yourself, and will keep you informed about the date of the garage door's arrival. 

Your door should arrive in perfect condition. However, when it arrives, you should examine the door carefully for signs that it has been damaged in transit - ideally within 24 hours. Any problems will be rectified by us at the earliest possible moment. 

6. Installation

The product will be delivered complete with installation instructions and technical assistance if required. See the installation instructions on the link the right, and also an installation kit list. 

7. Your door should give you years of trouble free operation

We provide a 5 year warranty on motor and control panel. The Roller Garage Door Co. will remain at the end of the phone to provide the guarantee and spare parts, should you need them.