FAQ Warranty

What is the Warranty period?

The Somfy Control Panel (with safety edge) has a five year Warranty. 

Somfy and Economy Motors have a five year Warranty. 

Curtain or powder coating fade during 10 years is covered under Warranty. 

The roller shutter consists of slats moving and resting on top of one another; some wearing / rubbing can be expected, particularly on the inside face of the door. It is accepted in the industry that small blemishes which cannot be seen from a 2m distance are acceptable. 

Goods will be despatched and should arrive in an acceptable condition (without scratches or dents in slats and extrusions). Complaints should be raised within 24 hours of delivery or the manufacturer may dispute any claim. 

Garage Doors will sometimes be despatched by third-party carrier; damage caused by the carrier agency will be rectified at the soonest opportunity. 

For accidental damage caused by the installer, or non-warranty parts, see the Spare Parts section of the FAQs.